About Us

My Favorite Things Boutique is not a new store or concept. Our company has been in business since 1996 - starting with our original website "A Creative Gift" and later we added a series of websites for a total of 9 web stores. Each store is unique and now all of them cater to the corporate sector (B2B). 

In 2010, we took A Creative Gift offline to concentrate on the corporate portion of the business, but like any gift shop owner knows, there was just something "missing" when it came business. We still have 7 corporate web stores filled with personalized corporate gifts, apparel and promotional items, but the B2B side is just not the same as owning your own gift shop! And going to the gift mart and looking for products to add to your store that you like and hope your customers will like is like Christmas every time! There is just something magical about shopping for yourself and others.

The collection in this store is just the beginning of the love affair I have with monogram crystal gifts, jewelry and party serving items. I love to throw parties! I love to decorate for the holidays! I just love to have fun! - so I hope that you enjoy purchasing and using the items as much as I do.